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EWB is challenging youth across Canada to take actions to make a difference. Below are some tasks, ranging from easy to hard, that you can do here in Canada to change the world you live in. Feel free to start at the top, or go for the tough choices down at the bottom. Regardless of who you are and how much you want to do, there is an action for you!

We’re tracking how many people take the leap, and try to change the world they live in by completing any of these tasks. Once you complete a task, click on the "I did this!" button for that task and be proud of a job well done.

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Visiting this website!

You've already made the first step in trying to make a difference. You've taken the extra step to research on the internet and see what you can do. Click the 'I did this!' box to record your action.

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Buy Fair Trade products

Many of the products we enjoy come from developing countries: Bananas, chocolate, coffee, sugar. By supporting fair trade certified products, you can make sure that the farmers making those products get a decent wage for their efforts. You're going to buy it anyways, why not buy the socially responsible brand?

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Learn More

If you're interested in alleviating poverty, there are many ways to educate yourself on the topic. From articles, to documentaries, books, and youtube videos; we can link you to many resources to enrich your mind. Taking the step of learning more about global poverty shows that you care enough about it to start doing something. Read any of our material or other sources you can find, and come back and tell us what you did!

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Apply your learning

Enter the 'Get Outside Your World Contest'. This is a great opportunity to apply your learning to a stimulating question. Also, competing against students across Canada, you can win money to apply to school or a cause of your choice.

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Make Your Voice Heard

Our largest potential for impact as Canadians lies with our government. And as citizens of Canada, we need to advocate to our politicians what’s important to us. Write a letter to your elected officials or local newspapers about the need to eradicate extreme poverty and have your voice heard!

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Influence your parents

You may not drink coffee, but your parents probably do. This is an easy way to make a difference around the world, by doing something in Canada. Getting your parents to start shopping ethically is a great way to start influencing others.

Simply start off by getting them to switch coffee brands. You can educate your parents on the difference, and how farmers in developing countries are exploited everyday so we can enjoy low prices of coffee. In the end, your parents still get the same great coffee, they know more about poverty, and the farmers get more income for their families.

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Support an entrepreneur

If you haven't done so already, check out Kiva. Kiva is an organization aimed at linking donors in developed countries with entrepreneurs in developing countries. Essentially, instead of donating money to an organization to do work overseas, you can lend money directly to an entrepreneur as a loan, to be paid back and lent to someone else later. Check out the Kiva website and learn more for yourself!

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Make your school fair trade

Chances are, your school is selling products that aren't fair trade that could be. Can you buy coffee, bananas, or chocolate at your school? If you can, investigate and find out if your school is supporting or hindering the development of other countries. Start a campaign at your school to influence your peers, your teachers and make a difference while doing it!

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Create change locally!

Find an organization that combats poverty in your neighborhood and volunteer. Change starts at home and while global poverty is something that needs to be addressed, there's no need to overlook your front door. We have some links to national organizations in Canada fighting homelessness, but there's more organizations where you live.

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Hold a school conference!

One way to learn more and share knowledge with others is by holding a conference at your school. Get in touch with clubs in school, champion teachers, and try to hold a conference devoted to global events. Invite guest speakers, run workshops off the internet. Need resources to get you started, we can help you.

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Use your creativity!

Do something that your passionate about that postivitely affects change. We've only given a few ideas to get you started, but help us expand the options. Tell us about the change you make! Bonus points if you can get your friends doing something too.

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